Fuse It

Clip, collect and share documents on the go!

Corel® Fuse It

Have you ever been at your desk or on a train or bus and come across an interesting online quote, image or bit of information that you've wanted to keep for later? Now you can with Corel Fuse It, an all-new Windows® Store app. With the built-in clipping power of Fuse It you can instantly gather images and text from files and webpages and then combine them into a single PDF document that's perfect for sharing. Combine clips around an interesting topic or theme, or gather information as a part of a larger project that you can expand upon using Corel® PDF Fusion™. With Fuse It, you can find the information you want and then clip, collect and share it no matter where you are!


  • Clip, create and share information on your Windows® 8 tablet
  • Instantly find and store text and image clips from documents and the web
  • Combine your clips into a single PDF that's ideal for viewing and sharing
  • Organize your files by name, date and size

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