Tutorials & Tips

For users looking to learn on their own, Corel offers a variety of self-directed learning solutions. Choose from one of the options below to find the resources and training materials that are right for you.

Discovery Center – Your Online Resource for
Creative Inspiration and Learning

If you’re looking to create a special project, master new features, or are simply searching for inspiration, the Corel Discovery Center is the place for you! Discover more than you thought possible with a gallery of creative projects, video learning tutorials and step-by-step instructions so you can try it on your own.

Written Tutorials

Access written step-by-step tutorials which cover a wide range of topics across Corel’s entire line of award-winning software products.

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Library of Tips & Tricks

Access Corel’s library of tips and tricks which can help both experts and novices dramatically improve their knowledge and use of Corel products.

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