Case Studies

Seeing what you're doing with our software and getting a chance to read about your work is one of the best things about developing software. Our users never cease to amaze us with their innovation, creativity and inventiveness.

Take a look through these case studies to see how Corel users from around the world are using our software in their careers, hobbies and art. You're sure to find some inspiration, we sure do.

  • Business

    When it comes to businesses, they're always looking out for the bottom line. That's why companies turn to Corel for the software solutions to all their needs. Not only do they get easy-to-use, multi-faceted software for their office, they get it at a great price.

  • Education

    Educators tout the virtues of affordable and versatile Corel software. A wonderful (and did we mention affordable?) teaching tool for photo restoration, scanning, design and digital arts.

  • Government

    The fact that government agencies around the world use Corel software gets our seal of approval. When an agency needs to be productive at an affordable price, they know where to turn.

  • Small Business

    Small businesses get big business results with Corel software solutions. When saving money and exceptional results count the most, it's Corel to the rescue!