Assigning the Signature Block Macro to a Toolbar Button

You can also assign your macro to a toolbar button instead of a keystroke. It's really a matter of personal preference – attach a macro to a keystroke or assign it to a button on the toolbar – both methods provide fast access. Click Tools > Settings > Customize. Click Edit to modify the currently selected toolbar (or select another toolbar, then click Edit). Click the Macros tab. Click Add Macro. Select the signature block macro, then click Select. Click No in response to the prompt to save the macro with the full path, then click OK > Close > Close.

You should now see a new button on the far right side of the toolbar that looks like a tape (see Figure 7). Hover the mouse pointer over the button to display the name of the macro in a QuickTip. Now, switch to a blank document and try out the new toolbar button!

Macro buttons are added to the far right side of a toolbar by default.