Macros included with WordPerfect

checkbox.wcmInserts a check box in the document that you can click to add or remove a check mark.
closeall.wcmCloses all open documents and prompts you to save the modified ones.
ctrlm.wcm Activates the macro command browser.
cvtdocs.wcmLets you convert multiple documents from another document type to WordPerfect format.
dcconvert.wcmConverts "whole word" drop caps to "number of characters" drop caps for conversion to Microsoft Word.
endfoot.wcmConverts endnotes to footnotes in the document or selected text. To run this macro, your cursor must be outside of the footnote or endnote box (that is, your cursor must be in the main body of the page).
expndall.wcmExpands all QuickWords in the document.
filestmp.wcmPlaces the filename and path of the current document in a header or footer.
flipenv.wcmCreates an envelope rotated 180 degrees (text is upside down). On printers with a large trailing margin, this lets you print the return address 0.25" from the edge.
footend.wcmConverts footnotes to endnotes in the document or in selected text.
parabrk.wcmInserts symbols or small graphics as paragraph breaks. The graphics are centered on the blank line between paragraphs.
pleading.wcmCreates lines and numbers for pleading documents.
prompts.wcmHelps you create prompts for automated templates.
reverse.wcmCreates white text on black background (or uses other color combinations) in selected text or table cells.
saveall.wcmPrompts you to save open documents.
wp_org.wcmCreates an organization chart in WordPerfect.
wp_pr.wcmSends a WordPerfect outline to Presentations.