eBook Publisher: Tell your own story with WordPerfect X7

Imagine writing and sharing your very own book. WordPerfect® X7 makes it possible to fulfill your dream of becoming a published author by providing the tools you need to design, share, post or sell your eBook*.

Publishing an eBook typically requires extensive technical know-how, complex software or an eBook publishing company. Now, with the WordPerfect eBook Publisher, you can easily layout a book by using the legendary formatting features of WordPerfect and then publish it to an eBook format.

How to create an eBook

Open the WordPerfect eBook Publisher template to write and format the eBook directly in WordPerfect. You can also base an eBook on an existing document by copying and pasting its content into the template. An eBook must have at least one chapter and contain two components: heading and content, which can be text or images.

Steps to follow:

  1. Click File / New from project
  2. Click the Create New tab
  3. Choose [WordPerfect] from the list box
    1. If [WordPerfect] is not displayed in the list box, click Options, and click
      Refresh projects
  4. Choose eBook Publisher from the list
  5. Click Create
    1. Click Enable macros
    2. If you do not want to show this warning again, enable the ‘Do not show this message again’ check box
  6. Click Start
  7. In the New chapter dialog box, type a chapter heading

Tip: You can start a new eBook in the eBook Publisher template by clicking the New eBook button on the template toolbar

How to add text into your eBook from another file

Use the document window to indicate where you want the images to appear then use the Insert Image button on the eBook Publisher toolbar. Once selected, images can be placed and resized anywhere in your eBook. You have the option to add text at the beginning of the book, such as a copyright, title page or dedication, before the start of the chapters in your eBook.

Steps to follow:

  1. Click the Open button on the eBook template toolbar
  2. Choose the file containing the text you want to copy, choose the file, and click Open
  3. Select the text, and click Edit / Copy
  4. In the eBook Publisher template, position the cursor where you want to insert the text.
  5. Click the Paste / button (or use Paste Unformatted Text, Alt+Ctrl+V to paste without extra formatting) on the template toolbar
  • The default font in the eBook Publisher template is Georgia, but can be changed
  • Using Paste on the eBook Toolbar or Paste Unformatted text ensures your paste is clean of unwanted formatting
  • Footnotes that you copy into the eBook Publisher template appear as endnotes in the eBook. The endnote reference number and the corresponding information in the endnote are linked to one another. You can also add endnotes to your eBook.

To insert an image in an eBook

You can use JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, or TIFF files.

  1. Click the Insert image button on the template toolbar
  2. Choose the drive and folder where the image is stored, choose the file, and click Open

To add a chapter

  1. Position the cursor where you want to insert the chapter
  2. Click the New chapter button on the template toolbar
  3. In the New chapter dialog box, type a chapter heading

How and where to add your metadata

Make your book stand out in a crowd! Metadata, or publishing information, can help eBook retailers and librarians better catalog your eBook and make your eBook appear in online searches. Most metadata fields are optional, but you must give your eBook a title.

See the Quick Reference Card for more information on metadata in your eBook file

Click the Add front matter button on the eBook template toolbar

  1. Enable any of the following check boxes for the components you want to add:
    1. Title page — the first page after the cover
    2. Copyright — details on content copyright or other legal matters
    3. Dedication — warm words for your sources of inspiration
  2. Click OK, and then click within any inserted component to proceed with its content

How to preview your book

Take a look at the book you’ve created in WordPerfect. In addition to WordPerfect X7, you need to have a previewer installed on your machine. The first time you publish, WordPerfect X7 will help you install one or both previewers. When you’re ready to preview your book, select "Publish to eBook" in the eBook toolbar. You can review your eBook progress at any time.

How to publish your book

Use the “Publish to eBook” button on the eBook template toolbar to complete the process. In the Publishing Information dialog box, you will be able to type the title of your book, the author’s name, publisher, subject matter, language and more.

To proofread an eBook

  1. On the template toolbar, click one of the following buttons:
    1. Spell checker button — checks and corrects spelling
    2. Grammatik button — checks and corrects grammar and spelling

To publish to an eBook format

  1. Click the Publish to eBook button on the eBook template toolbar
  2. In the eBook formats dialog box, enable any of the following check boxes:
    1. MOBI
    2. EPUB
  3. Click Next

MOBI: When you first publish to MOBI, or when you click the Publisher settings button on the eBook publisher toolbar, the Publisher settings dialog box prompts you to specify the installed location of two supporting files, kindlegen.exe and KindlePreviewer.exe. These files are required to publish your document to the MOBI file format. You can download the files by clicking Auto download or Go to download site

EPUB: When you would like to preview EPUB eBooks, use one of the viewers below.

eBook Readers



iPad use Apple iBooks
Android Tablet or Phone Aldiko Book Reader and many others (~300)
PC or Windows Calibre, Adobe Digital Editions & many others Calibre
Mac Apple iBooks or Adobe Digital Editions
Kindle Appears in the Kindle Library
Kobo, Nook, Pocket Book, Hudl, Sony Appears in your device library

*eBook is not included in WordPerfect Home & Student editions