Using QuickFill™ to fill cells automatically in Quattro Pro®

The QuickFill™ feature in Quattro Pro® lets you automatically enter repeated labels and functions. Once the initial letters or sequence you are typing is recognized, the data is automatically inserted. For example, if you type in "January," the remaining items in the series (February, March, and so on) are automatically inserted.

The first value in the series — that is, the value that you type — is called the "seed value." Sequences are available for specific seed values. For example, the seed value "1st" initiates the sequence "1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th ..." and the seed value "Monday" initiates the sequence "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ..."

To fill cells automatically

1. Type a seed value in a cell.

2. Select the seed value cell and the blank cells you want to fill.

3. Click Edit > Fill > QuickFill.

You can also fill cells automatically by clicking the QuickFill button on the notebook toolbar once you have selected the cells. The QuickFill button lets you automatically insert a series to the selection of cells.

Using QuickFill reduces the possibility of the errors that result from typing in multiple entries manually and allows you to save time when working with lists.