Adding letterhead to PerfectExpert project templates

WordPerfect® Office applications include templates for creating a wide variety of projects. You can also design your own templates. This is a great time-saver if the documents you create often have a common look or feel.

Creating a letterhead template can save you the time and effort of retyping the same information each time you create a document. Letterhead usually includes information such as your company name and contact information.

Using headers and footers to create your letterhead text, you can access a variety of fonts and formatting options. After you've formatted your letterhead, you can save it as a PerfectExpert™ project template.

You can create eye-catching letterhead in WordPerfect® using headers and footers.

To save letterhead as a PerfectExpert project template

  1. Click File > New From Project.
  2. In the PerfectExpert dialog box, click Options > Create WP Template.
  3. Click Insert > Header/Footer.
  4. In the Headers/Footers dialog box, enable the Header A option.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Format the header.
    For more information, see "Working with headers and footers" in the online Help.
  7. Click File > Save.
  8. In the Save Template dialog box, type "Letterhead" in the Template name box.
  9. Choose a category from the Template category list, and click OK.