WordPerfect's iFilter

Windows Desktop Search may be the most powerful tool on your computer. Simply click Start, then type a word or a phrase in the search box. Windows searches your entire system for that content – it may be in a document, in an email message, or in an attachment to an email message. WordPerfect’s iFilter takes the search a step further by giving you the ability to search through WordPerfect Office documents (.QPW, .WP, .WPD and .WPT files) with both Windows Desktop Search and Google Desktop. It’s like QuickFinder on steroids.

When the iFilter is installed on a SharePoint server, users can search organization-wide for files containing key phrases. Even if the information isn’t found in the document text – it can be found in the document substructures, like headers or footers, or in the document properties, like author, client, editor, etc.

The latest version of WordPerfect iFilter has updated support for Microsoft search tools including the ability to recognize accented characters, UNICODE® characters, and content within subdocument types such as headers and footers, textboxes, comments and captions.

The latest iFilter is installed along with the latest WordPerfect Office. If you are running an earlier version, you can download the iFilter.