WordPerfect Office X7 - Readme Notes

WordPerfect Office X7 Service Pack 2

This service pack updates the following Corel® WordPerfect® Office X7 editions to build

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Legal Edition
  • Home and Student
  • Try-Before-You-Buy

WordPerfect Office X7 Service Pack 2 will update all previous releases of WordPerfect Office X7 (GM -, SP1 - The build number after the service pack is applied will be


  • When you run a macro that both performs a merge and saves a file, the file is saved with the filename specified in the macro and the file extension remains as is (X6 behavior has been restored.)
  • More types of WPG files can be previewed in the Open File dialog box (File > Open > Preview.)
  • WordPerfect no longer displays an error message when you right-click a hyperlink to a nonexistent file on your computer, and click Open Hyperlink.
  • WordPerfect now accounts for non-printable area differences when the page size and orientation change for some printers that have non-uniform values. Switching printers now correctly updates the non-printable area values for the selected printer when formatting a document or an envelope.
  • Comment icons display correctly in the left margin next to the line in which the comment is inserted.
  • Sorting longer words (Tools > Sort) works as expected.
  • The Save As dialog box no longer appears after you make changes to a form file with a WPD extension and click Save.
  • Now WordPerfect saves a document that contains both text color and redline (Format > Font > Redline) to the Microsoft Word (DOC or DOCX) without issues (X6 behavior has been restored.)
  • WordPerfect no longer stops responding when you use the Find and Replace dialog box to access previously entered search items that contain extended characters.
  • WordPerfect now lets you copy text from the dictionary definition area (Tools > Dictionary.)
  • WordPerfect now detects configuration issues with user profile paths and asks you to reset the configuration settings and relaunch.
  • WordPerfect now lets you store file I/O error messages and print jobs for troubleshooting purposes and diagnostics. To enable file or print logging, click Tools > Settings > Environment > Diagnostics, and enable the options that you want.
  • WordPerfect no longer stops responding when you run macros that contain the PerfectScript OutlineBarSetup() command.
  • If you switch from a multi-monitor display to a single-display setup, Address book will always launch on the active screen.

Quattro Pro

  • Clicking Do Simple Math or Quick Math in the PerfectExpert tutor window no longer displays an error message about a missing file.
  • When you drag particular Quattro Pro menu commands to a custom toolbar, button icons are displayed correctly on that toolbar.
  • Adding toolbar buttons that play macros will correctly display the icons as in Quattro Pro X6.
  • @SHEETS function correctly returns the number of worksheets from a multi-sheet/column/row range reference.
  • When you apply a date numeric format to a cell and then you enter today's date (Insert > Date), the date numeric format is preserved.
  • The parse settings that you choose in the QuickColumns Expert (QuickColumns Expert > Settings) are now preserved as the "Custom" configuration in the dropdown list and will not revert to the default if you make a different range selection.
  • Some font faces and font sizes have been updated in templates shipped with Quattro Pro, for example, font issues in the Recall (PerfectExpert panel > Open a Version) and Store Version (PerfectExpert panel > Save a Version) dialog boxes have been fixed.


  • Sending a slide show to WordPerfect (File > Send To > WordPerfect) now works without issues.


  • Equation Editor Help, Address Book Help and Scrapbook Help files no longer stop responding when you click certain index entries.
  • When the PerfectScript Menu commands HorizontalPosition and VerticalPosition are used they function as expected.
  • QuickFinder stability has been improved for subsequent searches in the same instance of WordPerfect, Presentations, Quattro Pro and the standalone QuickFinder Searcher application.

Version Numbers

Application Initial Release Service Pack 1 Service Pack 2
Quattro Pro

See what was fixed in SP1