Wordperfect – Oxford Dictionary

WordPerfect – Oxford Dictionary

The Oxford Concise Dictionary plug-in provides enhanced features and benefits like more words, thousands of extra meanings, hundreds more phrases, scientific and specialist words & much more!
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Oxford Concise Dictionary

The Oxford Concise Dictionary is a plug-in that works within Corel® WordPerfect® Office version 12 or higher and provides users enhanced features and benefits as outlined below. This product is an unlock key only. You must own and have installed version 12 or higher of Corel® WordPerfect® Office Standard Edition, Professional Edition, Student Teacher Edition, or Small Business Edition in order to unlock this product.

Why buy the Oxford Concise Dictionary?

  • More words: the Oxford Concise Dictionary has a massive 34,000 (52%) more words than the Pocket Oxford
  • Thousands of extra meanings: even for simple words like "field", the Concise beats the Pocket with nine more senses. There are also hundreds more phrases, such as "keep the ball rolling" and "the cherry on the cake"
  • More scientific and specialist words: thousands of words from subjects like Anatomy (endothelium), Biochemistry (ribosome), Genetics (disomy), and Computing (applet). Find more rare, old and difficult words: if you want to find out what a cacoethes is (an urge to do something inadvisable) or what to do with a palfrey (it's a docile horse, so you'd ride it), the Concise can tell you!
  • More words from around the world: the Concise has thousands of words from North America, Australia, South Africa, India and elsewhere—like dweeb (a boring or studious person), bombora (a wave that forms over a submerged reef) and brinjal (an aubergine)