What's Included

  • WordPerfect® word processor
  • Quattro Pro® spreadsheet program
  • Presentations™ slideshow creator
  • WordPerfect® Lightning™ digital notebook
  • eBook Publisher
  • NEW AfterShot 3 photo-editing and management

Get hassle-free formatting with Reveal Codes feature

Have you ever spent valuable time trying to reformat a file, but you can't and you don't know why? Help has arrived! Reveal Codes, one of the most popular features in WordPerfect® Office, allows you to easily take control of all your document settings and styles.

Why use codes to control the formatting of a document?

It's because the specific codes give you unparalleled flexibility and maximum control over your documents, and only WordPerfect has the Reveal Codes functionality.

Reveal Codes comes to the rescue in these situations:

  • inserting a blank line
  • changing the font
  • inserting a table
  • creating an envelope
  • adding a page border
  • customizing a graphic

The many ways to use Reveal Codes

  • Expand and condense codes
  • Edit codes
  • Insert codes
  • Delete codes
  • Set default codes
  • Change the size of Reveal Codes window